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Baraboo Art Show Awards

The Baraboo School District Art Show Awards were handed out at a special ceremony on April 30th at Baraboo High School. Student pieces were on display for a week leading up to the reception. Students who took home awards are:

Elementary 2D Art

1st: Emma Shanks (5th Grade, North Freedom)

2nd: Grace Bonnell (4th Grade, GLW)

3rd: Julian Nava-Ditzler (5th Grade, GLW)

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Cerda (5th Grade, Al Behrman)


Elementary 3D Art

1st: Holland Danke (3rd Grade, North Freedom)

2nd: Noelle Vedro (4th Grade, GLW)

3rd: Andrew Talty (5th Grade, East)

Honorable Mention: Kessie Royals (1st Grade, GLW)



1st: Jade Duhr (8th Grade, "Self Portrait")

2nd: Rachel Siebers (7th Grade, "Comic Drawing")

3rd: Maddie Hansen (7th Grade, "Depression")

Honorable Mention: Emily Kleczek (6th Grade)



1st: Jade Duhr (8th Grade, "Memory Initials")

2nd: Shari King (8th Grade, "Memory Box")

3rd: Tyler Wyatt (6th Grade, "The Sparkling Man")

Honorable Mention: Jayda Lochner (8th Grade, "Beautiful Hawaii")


BHS 2D Art

1st: Lesleigh Brandenberg (Senior, "Zebra")

2nd: Alyssa Seidel (Sophomore, "Beautiful Angel of Death")

3rd: Tessa Pittman (Junior, "Tiny Portrait")

Honorable Mention: Libby Pierce (Freshman, "Corn")


BHS Painting

1st: Hannah Cavazos (Senior, "Home Sweet Home")

2nd: Cal Gabrielson (Junior, "The Real Brain")

3rd: Annika Swallen (Junior, "Watercolor Mandala")

Honorable Mention: Sidney Seymour (Freshman, "Fossil")


BHS Graphic Design

1st: Tanya LoMastro (Senior, "For Your Eyes Only")

2nd: Taylor Lytle (Junior, "Back to the 80s")

3rd: Chloe Zick (Sophomore, "Fashion of BHS")

Honorable Mention: Norman Brimmer (Junior, "Powder Puff")


BHS Design Drawing

1st: Dennis Miller (Sophomore, Typeface Portrait")

2nd: Ana Brown (Senior, "Library Ad")

3rd: Cassie Schreck (Junior, "Current Events Ukraine")

Honorable Mention: Tessa Pittman (Junior, "Typeface Portrait")


BHS Photography

1st: Mary Schaefer (Senior, "Off the Porch")

2nd: Becky Freed (Senior, "Change")

3rd: Rachel Leatherberry (Junior, "Spring Fever")

Honorable Mention: Tyra Berry (Senior, "A Walk Together")


BHS Digital Art

1st: Maddie Deyo (Junior, "Goddess")

2nd: Cyrus Hekmat (Senior, "Shark Storm")

3rd: Drew Hawkins (Junior, "Space Mountain")

Honorable Mention: Maddie Deyo (Junior, Psychedelic Halls")


BHS Printmaking

1st: Sydney Le Roy (Senior, "Giraffe & Bike")

2nd: Genny Kinzer (Sophomore, "Music")

3rd: Rachel Leatherberry (Junior, "RR to Heaven")

Honorable Mention: Maddie Deyo (Junior, "Frida")


BHS Ceramics

1st: Keisha Spears (Freshman)

2nd: Mara Schick (Junior, "Apple Core")

3rd: Maddy Multerer (Sophomore, "Vase")

Honorable Mention: Kiersten Vinet (Sophomore)


BHS 3D Sculpture

1st: Alexis Breunig (Freshman, "Turtle")

2nd: Keisha Spears (Freshman, "Home")

3rd: Jaida Thomte (Sophomore, "Boombox")

Honorable Mention: Kyle McGowan (Junior)


BHS Relief Sculpture

1st: Dakota Hamann (Sophomore)

2nd: Tessa Pittman (Junior)

3rd: Nick Williams (Sophomore)

Honorable Mention: Morgan Rathman (Sophomore)


BHS 3D Jewelry

1st: Savannah Zemanovic (Junior)

2nd: Libby Pierce (Freshman)

3rd: Mary Schaefer (Senior)

Honorable Mention: Emily Stieve (Sophomore)


BHS Principal's Award: Mr. Glenn Bildsten personally chose these pieces to display in his office.

Keisha Spears, 3D Sculpture "Home"

Mary Schaefer, Photography "Off the Porch"


Superintendent's Award: Current Superintendent Dr. Crystal Ritzenthaler and incoming Superintendent Lori Mueller chose these pieces to be displayed at the school district central office.

Riley Nickel, Japanese Fish Print Collage (2nd Grade, North Freedom)

Jade Duhr, JYMS 2D Art "Self Portrait"

Mara Schick, BHS Painting "Just Beyond Reach"

Cal Gabrielson, "Light in the Dark"

Becky Freed, BHS Photography "Change"


Photo caption: Incoming Superintendent Lori Mueller, the Baraboo School District's current Director of Curriculum and Instruction, presented North Freedom Elementary 2nd Grader Riley Nickel with a Superintendent's Award at Thursday's Art Show Reception. Riley's piece, a Japanese Fish Print Collage, was chosen by Mueller and current Superintendent Dr. Crystal Ritzenthaler, and her piece will be displayed at the school district Central Office.

Click here to view more photos from the event!


Baraboo Schools Celebrate Earth Day

Last week on Earth Day, BHS Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) students picked up cigarette butts around town. The idea behind the project is to make the community aware of the smoking issues and how it affects our environment. Thank you SADD students (left to right) Brook W., Lindsay J., and Kelsey J.!

North Freedom Elementary also celebrated Earth Day! Staff and students wore green and participated in a GREENEST CLASS RACE. Students brought to school projects they made from recycled materials and put them on display throughout the week. Each class picked up trash around the schoolyard together with their “buddy” class. Students also made a mosaic of the Earth when they brought in clean blue and green recycled materials.

Way to go Baraboo School District students and staff!


2015 BHS Prom

Baraboo High School Prom will take place May 2nd at BHS. The 2015 Prom Theme is Footloose and the prom song is "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran. The doors open at 7pm with the Grand March taking place at 8pm. General admission to watch the Grand March is $2 with all proceeds going to the junior class. Thank you for your support!


Photo from left to right: Katie Crowe, Patrick Broe, Cassie Zosul, Zach Raymond, Mara Schick, Reid Showers, Savannah Zemanovic, Jared Stuckey, Alexys Le Roy, Dylan Kraiss, McKenna Quandt, Josh Ennis-Miller, Claire Bicknell, and Collin Feld.


East 5th Graders Visit Discovery Institute, Chazen Art Museum

East 5th graders enjoyed a fun-filled field trip to Madison last Tuesday, getting to visit Discovery Institute and Chazen Art Museum. At the Discovery Institute, the kids took part in classes on fossils and paleontologists, 3D printing, and Geothermal Heating. After the Discovery Institute, the students explored Chazen Art Museum. We are proud of you, East 5th graders, for using your cool tools while on the field trip! View all the photos from the trip here!


Summer School Enrichment Courses

Registration for 2015 Summer School Enrichment Courses is now live!



Parents will have the opportunity to register their student(s) for one to three different enrichment courses, depending on if the student is registered for the extended learning WIN Time.

If the student IS registered for WIN Time, they may register for ONE enrichment course offered during the designated session for their grade (Session I - grades 4 and 5, Session II - grades 2 and 3, and Session III - grades K and 1). 

If the student IS NOT registered for WIN Time, they may register for up to three enrichment courses, one per session. Registration will begin on Monday, April 27 for these students.

To view the elementary enrichment course offerings and descriptions, click here. If you are ready to register for courses, click here.

Middle/High School:

New for Summer 2015, students currently in grades 7-11 can register for a maximum of two online courses to fulfill high school graduation requirements and can complete these courses from home during the summer. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and will begin on Monday, April 27. There are 25 enrollment openings available this summer. For more information, including courses available and the registration process, please click here.


T-Bird Track Featured on "The Sports News"

The way our Thunderbird track and field teams have competed thus far over this spring season has caught the eye of local TV station Channel 57 CW. On Sunday April 12th, senior student-athlete Matt Bruch and Shot Put/Discus Coach Kevin Catterson visited the Channel 57 station in Madison to be interviewed for a segment in a show titled The Sports News. Check out the video for their session on the program! Way to go T-Birds and keep up the great work!


BHS Top Scholars Honored

This past Sunday, the Annual Badger Conference Top Scholars Banquet took place at Chula Vista Resort. At this banquet, the top students from each Badger Conference school are recognized for their academic accomplishments. Representing BHS are: (back row, left to right) Hannah Lee, Caroline Zimmerman, Lana Hantzsch, Hannah Shumway, Alysa Zachow, and BHS Principal Glenn Bildsten; and (front row, left to right) Gabby Marx, Rebekah Schroeder, and Sydney Rabata. Not Pictured: Douglas Macdonald and Jacqueline Culotta. Congrats students!


Opera for the Young Visits Elementary Schools

"Opera for the Young" visited our elementary schools last week with their Middle Eastern adaption of “Beauty and the Beast”! The actors brought this classic fairy tale alive for our students, staff, family, and friends. Students also took part in the performance in the roles of birds and enchanted (kid-sized) fruit. In true "Opera for the Young" fashion, this show was animated… but definitely not animation. The story’s universal themes were: beauty is not skin deep; the redemptive power of love and bravery; and the challenge and reward of familial responsibility. Great job students! Click on the photo to see more from the shows.


Baraboo School District Breaks Ground on Construction Projects

The Baraboo School District broke ground on the $9.95 million referendum maintenance and safety update construction projects yesterday at East Elementary School!

Construction will begin at East School on Monday, where a new library media center addition is planned. Construction elsewhere in the district will begin in full on June 10, one day following the last day of school for students. A majority of construction is expected to be completed by August 21, before students return in the fall.

Thank you everyone who joined us for the Groundbreaking Ceremony! Click on the photo to see more pictures and videos from the ceremony.


BHS Students Spend Spring Break in France

15 BHS students spent their spring break last week touring around France! The trip started in Paris with a two-day exploration of the city, including a trip to the Louvre and the Eiffel tower. From there, the group took a tour bus from historical city to city. They spent time visiting castles, tasting French delicacies, and improving their foreign language skills. There were even hands-on activities including fencing, cooking, and calligraphy. The picture shows a stop they made next to an ancient Roman aqueduct. The final stop was in the beautiful city of Nice where the sun was shining and the Mediterranean Sea was welcoming enough for some students to take a dip in. What a great experience!


BHS Teacher Wins Herb Kohl Award

BHS Academic Seminar Teacher Kristin Mashak is a 2015 recipient of the distinguished Herb Kohl Award!

The award, according to the Herb Kohl Education Foundation website, "recognizes and supports teaching excellence and innovation in the State of Wisconsin. Our goal is to support teachers in the pursuit of their unrealized goals for their classrooms or professional development." With Ms. Mashak's award, the Baraboo School District will also receive a $3,000 grant!

Mashak was nominated by Jim Reif, Associate Principal at BHS. Mashak is now the sixth teacher from Baraboo to receive this award.

As part of the application process, Mashak had to demonstrate to the Herb Kohl Education Foundation her: personal educational philosophy; ability to inspire students' love of learning; creation of innovative projects or programs; commitment to community; unrealized goals for their classroom or professional development; and positive qualities she sees in education, and changes she would like to see made to strengthen and improve teaching.

Congratulations Kristin on this wonderful accomplishment. As a recipient of the award, Mashak is also a candidate for Wisconsin Teacher of the Year recognition.


Students Attend Latino Youth College & Career Fair

On March 20th, Baraboo Latino students attended the 10th Annual Latino Youth College & Career Fair in Madison. Here, they're listening intently to the keynote speaker talk about getting the most out of their education and preparing for a career they're passionate about.

The keynote speaker, Michael Flores, is "a proud Mexican who was born to a single mother and spent his childhood living in poverty and on government assistance programs." After getting his first job at 14 years old, he attended MATC before joining the Madison Fire Department. He is now also a paramedic and "spends his time putting fires out and helping the sick and injured."

Thanks Mr. Flores for inspiring our kids!


Summer Kid Stop Registration Begins April 6th

All elementary school children entering kindergarten through sixth grade in the fall will be eligible for the 2015 Summer Kid Stop Child Care Program. Summer Kid Stop is located at GLW and is available weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. beginning on Monday, June 15 through Friday, August 14.

On Monday, April 6th, registration forms and additional information will be available at all Kid Stop sites, in elementary school offices, and on the District website (under the "Community" tab). Please contact the Kid Stop Coordinator at 355-3925, ext. 7150 with any questions.


Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Baraboo School District will break ground on the $9.95 million referendum maintenance and safety update construction projects on Thursday, April 9, at 10am at East Elementary School.

Construction will begin at East School in April, where a new library media center addition is planned. Construction elsewhere in the district will begin in full on June 10, one day following the last day of school for students. A majority of construction is expected to be completed by the end of August, before students return in the fall.

Please join us for this important occasion as we take the next steps in making Baraboo Schools better for all our learners!


2015 Summer School Enrollment


The focus of 2015 Summer School is on extended learning experiences. Classes will provide additional time and targeted instruction in the areas of student need, most specifically math and literacy. Student eligibility for summer school enrollment in extended learning classes is based upon assessment data criteria and teacher referral.

If you feel your child is in need of extended learning this summer but have not received an invite to participate from the school, please contact the building principal. Please note, if you did receive a letter, you still need to register your child; the invite does not register the student automatically.

Students registered for extended learning experiences will also be able to select one enrichment course for participation. Enrichment courses will coincide with extended learning experiences and be offered during the same Summer School session.

Students not registered for extended learning experiences wishing to participate in enrichment classes may register for 1-3 enrichment classes on a first-come, first-served basis. This registration will open on April 27th on the district website.

Please see the Elementary Courses page in the Summer School Brochure for more information.


Students in grades 6-12 can register for a maximum of two classes from the areas of physical skills; middle school literacy and math; and high school English, math science and social studies for credit recovery. Students recommended for credit recovery courses will be notified in April by the Student Services office.

Please see the Middle/High School Courses page in the Summer School Brochure for more information.

All Students:

Summer School enrollment forms are available at any of the school district’s offices. In order to finalize Summer School plans, all enrollment forms must be returned to your child’s school office by April 10, 2015.


BELC 2015-16 Registration

The Baraboo Early Learning Cooperative (BELC) will be holding pre-registration for 2015-2016 4-year-old kindergarten (4k) on April 9th from 7:30am-4:30pm at West Kindergarten Center.

Parents are encouraged to bring their child's immunizations records and a copy of their birth certificate. Parents will have an opportunity to indicate their preferences for possible locations or sessions.

Visit the BELC website for registration materials, program brochures, the 2015-16 school calendar, and more.


Baraboo Honored as District of Distinction

The Baraboo School District was awarded this week by national magazine District Administration as a District of Distinction!

Baraboo's award focuses on our high-impact instructional priorities to focus coaching efforts, doing so by aligning the Danielson Framework for Teaching with john Hattie's education research. Highlights include the district's growth over the past 10 years, our weekly PLC structure, and our leadership teams to build capacity of staff.

"The Baraboo School District's coaching model and professional development structure are building leadership capacity across the organization," says District Administrator Crystal Ritzenthaler. "By integrating high-leverage instructional strategies and aligning our efforts, significant student and teacher growth has occurred."

Charlotte Danielson, creator of the Danielson Framework for Teaching, said, "I commend the School District of Baraboo for using The Framework for Teaching as both the source of a common language and as a tool for the analysis of practice through a continuous growth model. Baraboo has integrated The Framework for Teaching in rich professional conversations within their professional development system leading to continued teacher effectiveness. This was my purpose in writing the Framework in the first place, and seeing Baraboo's quality implementation of my work is gratifying. I am confident the structure for coaching and reflection on practice will continue to advance student learning in the district. Bravo!" More information on the Danielson Framework for Teaching can be found on their website here.

Baraboo was one of only 62 districts honored across the nation, and the only district in Wisconsin to be awarded.

This is an amazing accomplishment and a testament to the staff we have working in all areas across the district. Read the full award press release here. Congratulations Baraboo School District!


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